Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perfect Fall Fun

Cassie was so excited yesterday when we put her "going out" collar on that she jumped into the front seat of the car before we could stop her! She must've sensed we were going somewhere fun - and she was right! It was the perfect day to head over to our favorite orchard, Stewart's Fruit Farm in Granite Springs. They've been family-owned and operated since 1886 and it's our favorite place to pick apples.

We thought we might even be too late to get good pickin's this year, but there were plenty of apples still on the trees. I'm always amazed at the abundance in this orchard. It's like Eden, with boughs bending under the weight of the heavy, ripe, fragrant fruit.
We picked, and picked, and picked!

Luckily, Mark doesn't mind carrying the overflowing and very heavy bag back to the car.
After we finished picking, we followed our noses to Stewart's new bakery. Mmm, the smells that were wafting out the doors were just heavenly - butter, sugar, and fruit all mixed together! Although I have a real weakness for cherry pie and I'm sure theirs was delicious, I managed to content myself with just the aromas. They're free, and they have no calories!
Now we have plenty of apples to make into pies, crisps, and muffins over the next few months - one of the best things about fall!

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