Monday, September 13, 2010

Another sketch

Here is my latest fabric sketch. In this one, I experimented with an easy method for doing a batik using Elmer's Glue Gel. I drew a quick sketch, then traced over it onto fabric using the glue gel and a light box. I let the glue dry overnight, and then painted the colors in with watered-down ink. After heat-setting the colors with the iron (on the reverse side and using a parchment pressing sheet), I soaked the cloth to remove the dried glue. Wherever the glue had been was still white. It worked! I finished off the sketch with some free-motion stitching. Although I like the way this came out, if I do this technique again, I would use more glue - more lines and thicker lines. Maybe I'd try an abstract graphic design.
I am enjoying doing these quickie sketches! They don't take a lot of time, fabric, or other resources, yet they're fun, creative, and give me a chance to experiment and try new techniques I've been thinking about. That's probably the whole purpose of a sketchbook, so this is working for me! The fact that the pieces are not layered and quilted doesn't detract from the finished piece at all (I think) and actually makes the whole process easier and quicker. Maybe I've discovered something...

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