Monday, September 6, 2010

47 Things I'm Thankful For

Yesterday was my 47th birthday. As I was sitting in the sunshine weeding my garden this morning, I started to think about how fortunate I am and about the many, many blessings in my life. I decided to devote this blog entry to listing these out, roughly in order from early on in my life to the present.
1. My parents, who are still alive and well, and came to spend the day with me yesterday.
2. My public school education on Long Island.
3. Being an American.
4. Being a New Yorker.
5. My older sister Nancy, who is still one of my best friends
6. My younger sister Carolyn who is also still one of my best friends
7. My brother Charlie, always fun to be with
8. My brother Paul, likewise good for a laugh
9. My God-given talents including intelligence, a sense of humor, and abilities in writing, art, and music.
10. My health and physical well-being.
11. My red hair.
12. My exceptional liberal arts education at Vassar College.
13. My loving and devoted husband, who has stuck by me for the last 25 years or so (we've been married for 17 of those), who brings balance, humor, fun, affection, and joy to me every day.
14. My oldest daughter, who is blossoming into a mature and capable young lady.
15. My second daughter, who is also blooming in her own beautiful and unique way
16. My youngest daughter, who still allows me to hold her hand in public.
17. The modest home we have been able to afford and make our own for the last 14 years.
18. Good, clean water coming out of the faucet
19. Clean fresh air to breathe
20. Indoor plumbing, heating, and air conditioning (don't take anything for granted!)
21. A safe town and neighborhood to live and work in.
22. My fun part-time job at the library
23. Having such easy access to a wealth of books at my fingertips every day
24. My coworkers who make my job fun and easy
25. Old friends and the good memories we've shared
26. Neighbors that I can rely on for anything
27. The decent schools and teachers my daughters have had
28. The opportunities we've been able to give our daughters, like piano and horseback riding lessons, gymnastics, camp etc.
29. Vacations we've taken, especially the last one to St. John
30. The vacation home we share in the Poconos of PA
31. The beauty of the lake we live on and get to see every morning, every season
32. The climate and change of seasons here in the Northeast
33. The parish of St. John the Evangelist and my close relationship with God
34. My Mac laptop
35. The cameras I use to document the beauty of everyday life
36. Our dog, Cassie, who has been a blessing in disguise
37. The many cats I have known
38. The abundance of food available to us
39. My Bernina sewing machine
40. The space and materials I am able to use almost daily to fulfill my creative needs
41. The women in the Fiber Arts North East group, who provide comraderie, inspiration, and support
42. My many cousins and extended family
43. My in-laws, also still living, healthy and well
44. My two LI sisters-in-law, who are like sisters to me
45. Healthy teeth
46. My grandmothers, who I was fortunate to know most of my life
47. Mark's job, which allows us to afford this life and lifestyle

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Vivien Zepf said...

And you are a blessing to those of us who know you. Happy Birthday! : )