Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another fun workshop!

Once again, I had the opportunity to spend a day in the studio with Jane Davila learning how to make thread sketches! Here is a view of her studio set up with worktables spread with fun supplies, mainly inks to use after the thread sketching to create a watercolor effect.

Below is my work area and some of the little sketches in progress.

Here is a closer view of some my smaller pieces. Jane recommends going over your sketch twice, which gives your piece the look of a real sketch. I did that with the leaf and tree and really like the effect. Also, it gives you the chance to make little corrections. I was a little apprehensive about my abilities to sketch with free-motion stitching, but starting small and simple helped boost my confidence for bigger pieces.

My final piece of the day was this sketch of daffodils. Here are a detail shot and a shot of the whole piece. I started out wanting to fill up the fabric with just one clump of flowers (the center clump) but made them too small. So I added the clump in the foreground next, and then went around to add the more distant clump. I generally like the outcome; it does look like a watercolor painting, but my lines are a little shaky, like it was done by a child or I drew it with my non-dominant hand. Kind of charming, I guess. And not bad for a beginner. What fun! A new technique to practice! I even splurged and bought myself some inks and Jane's latest book, Surface Design Essentials.

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j.dávila said...

Wow! I love the daffodils with the border. I hope you do more of these ink sketches, the ones you already made are so wonderful.