Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Treasures

Here are the beautiful pieces I received last week in the swap. As hard as it was to part with the pieces I created, it was exciting and touching to see the treasures everyone else made! I was amazed by the variety of colors, techniques, and materials as well as the time and effort everyone put in. The artists, left to right and top to bottom are Kendell Storm, Lynda Long, Jamie Horikawa, Melanie Hulse, Judy Gignesi, Vivien Zepf, Margaret Phillips, Mary Ann Healy, Micki Tedeschi, Carole Hoffman, Jane Davila, Natalya Aikens, M. Buhl, Joyce Sullivan, Barbara Sferra, Nancy Mirman, S. Rieber, Joanne Lubchenko, Kathi Jahnke, Carolyn Cooney, Gail Ellspermann, Cecelia Leiseroff, Mayann Weinberg, Kathryn Lange, Susan Schrott, Norma Schlager, Anne Louise Lyman, and Carrie Vollrath. Now I just have to figure out how and where to display them...

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