Thursday, September 10, 2009

4x4 FiberArt Swap

Here, at last, are the swap pieces I've been working on all summer! The final number we had to make was 30, so I will not show you all of them, just my favorites. These first four are from the first batch of "paper cloth" I made, way back in May. Some of the materials I used for embellishing were copper wire figures (I had fun figuring out how to make fish and sailboats out of one long piece of wire) and stamped fish (I carved the stamps myself out of rubber erasers).

These are from the second batch of "paper cloth." The paper I used was a lighter shade, and after it dried (but before I quilted it) I stamped it with various acrylic paints (using stamps made from dried glue squiggles on cardboard and bubble wrap). The seahorse stamp was also carved into a rubber eraser and really makes a nice sharp image, especially using Stazon Inks on paper. The little shells were created out of polymer clay and were touched up with copper pearl ex powders. Some of the seaweed is made from copper pot scrubbers I got from the dollar store and cut up.
I used copper mesh and embossed copper sheeting on these last few pieces. I was able to get pretty good detail on the fish and seashells (below). The fish is also painted with alcohol inks to give it a little color.

I began struggling for new ideas at this point and almost abandonded this color scheme for more autumnal shades of orange, yellow, and red, but I persevered and found some new materials to work with. I used yellow produce netting to resemble sunlight passing through water in the piece on the right.
These are my final two pieces. I think they make a nice pair, side by side, and would look good framed in a spa or bathroom setting! But now they are off to their new owners!
As much as I hated to see them go, I was thrilled to see all the little treasures the other group members created! I will try to get them photographed and posted soon. I am considering stitching up a hanging piece with clear acrylic pockets to display them all in. I just need to find some wall space in the house to hang it on...


Vivien said...

Oh, I'm so happy to see all the lovelies you created. I have the one that's in the third row of your post on the left side. I absolutely love it! Congratulations on an excellent series!

silvercat said...

I loved all of them especially the ones on the bottom.