Monday, September 7, 2009

Birthday Outing

This weekend I celebrated my birthday by going with my husband, parents and children to the Kendall Sculpture Garden on the grounds of the Pepsico Headquarters in Purchase, NY. The weather was perfect for walking around viewing the sculptures, and we all enjoyed discussing our interpretations of the various pieces. Below are some of my favorite shots:

This one is called "Girl with a Dolphin," by David Wynne. This was a family favorite. With the fountain flowing over and around it, it really gives the illusion and sensation of two figures swimming in a spiral around each other. It is really something to experience.
This one is called "Double L Excentric Gyratory II" by George Rickey. My daughters particularly loved watching it swing and change in the breeze.
This is "The Family of Man" by Barbara Hepworth. I just love the ancient look of these. They seem to be connecting us to each other and to our ancestors.
This is "Composition in Stainless Steel No. 1" by Gidon Graetz. I'm glad it has a name that leaves it completely open to interpretation. I saw a flying bird, my daughter saw an ice cream cone. The reflections on the piece also alter the viewer's perception of it.
Here is "Hats off" by Alexander Calder. His pieces always look so happy to me. Maybe it's the orange.
And here's another one by David Wynne, "Grizzly Bear," beautifully carved out of black granite. It sits on the edge of a pond and is just awsome to see.
I always like to include art and the outdoors in family outings. This one was particularly enjoyable. If you live in the NY metropolitan area, check it out! Another bonus: It's free!


Vivien said...

I haven't been to Pepsi Gardens in a long time; what a good idea!

silvercat said...

The bear sculpture reminds me of the big ski bear in the lodge.