Thursday, March 19, 2015

Still Dreaming of Spring

Although the calendar says spring begins tomorrow, the forecast is for another 3-5 inches of wet snow!  We've had a little spring-like weather (sunny with temps close to 50) and a lot of the snow has melted, but it still feels very wintry for the most part.

So I continue to make progress on spring-y art, as you can see above.  I decided the leaves needed some additional depth so I sponged some paint over the sheer fabric and added some stipple stitching.   I also opted to layer and quilt this piece so the sky would recede a bit and the tree and birds would come forward. I did simple wavy lines to bring to mind soft breezes, migration, and flight.   I'm debating whether or not to add blossoms to the tree.  I like the way the pink flowers reflect the sky in the lower portion, and the added dimension they bring to the piece.  Maybe I'll keep them.  Any opinions?

I can't take up too much more time finishing this up - if I'm going to cover the entire box myself I'll need to finish up two or three more of these PDQ!

Follow up:  Thanks for the suggestion, Vivien!  Here's a shot of the piece without the blossoms:

I think it makes the tree recede into the background, so the birds and nest become the main focus.  I'll need to mull it over a little longer...


Vivien Zepf said...

This work is absolutely lovely, Cindy! I love the map in the background, suggesting migration. I think the flowers look nice, though it's hard to know if I like it better with or without. Any chance you can post with and without pictures side-by-side for comparison?

Vivien Zepf said...

Thanks for posting both pictures, Cindy. I think I like it better with the flowers because they add a nice pop of color.