Friday, March 27, 2015

Good Things!

Snowdrops!  There's still a good deal of snow in the backyard and I wandered down there this afternoon to give Cassie a little fresh air and playtime and there they were, pushing themselves right up out of the snow!

Seems like a miracle, since the big picture still looks very bleak and wintry.  Sometimes you have to look very closely to find the bright spot!

Meanwhile, I received these bright beautiful blooms from one of my little fans at the library.  We just finished up the winter session of children's programs so she gave me these as a little thank you.  They just made my day!  Now they're brightening up the whole kitchen.

After working out this morning, I stopped into Homegoods and picked up this cheerful tablecloth.  I received a birthday giftcard a while back and finally found something I could use!  It will be perfect for Easter coming up, and for the spring in general.

And it goes perfectly with the mantle decorations I put up a few weeks ago - all those pinks, yellows and greens.

 I also saw this neat metal container and picked it up as well.  I hope to fill it with some flowering plants and put it on the front step just to perk up the entryway a bit.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, I finished the robins. . .

. . . and I started on the next piece.  I painted the background with various acrylic inks and paints.  First I did a thin wash, then I added some grass-like texture, first with a brush, then using the edge of a bent piece of cardstock as a stamp.

I added some more in a darker shade of green, with less water in the paint so the grass has more definition.  Now comes the real work... adding the applique focal point flowers.

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