Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Sprinkle of Spring

Driving past our local nursery last week, I couldn't resist pulling in and getting a better look at their colorful spread of pansies - Wow!  I always put them in our window boxes and a few pots near the front door this time of year - might as well get them now.  But which to choose?  All yellow, a mix of yellows and oranges, shades of lavender, or that riot of mixed brights?  I usually pick a mix of yellow and purple.  Which would you go for?

Another shopper told me he liked the purple and yellow ones with the faces, but I decided on the mixed bright mix of colors because they looked so cheerful.  Here they are in pots near the door.  I couldn't resist sticking a pinwheel in there as well.  Doesn't it look festive?  

And here they are in the window boxes.   I think I need a few pinwheels here too!

The pansies compliment the purple and yellow crocuses that have finally bloomed along the walkway.  I'm so happy to see some color out in the yard again!

Down in the backyard, things are not quite blooming yet, like these almost-ready-to-pop daffodils.

There are plenty of little green shoots coming up all over the new garden, but no flowers yet...

The hellebore I picked up at the grocery store a few weeks ago was ready to go in the ground, so I placed it here, not far from the pond.  That brightens things up a bit... do these ceramic mushrooms I picked up at a good price through a catalog.  I stuck them in the ground close to the fairy garden area.  So cheerful!

 I also finally hung the wind chimes I got for Christmas.  Do you see them dangling from the propped ladders above Cassie?  It's nice to be sitting quietly, gazing at the lake, and listening to their song.

This week we spent a good deal of time on some indoor projects, which I'll post soon.  The weather is supposed to be mild again today, so I hope to spend a good bit of time in the garden planting and sprucing up.  Can't wait!

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Norma Schlager said...

Ah, pansies! I love them as the first sign of spring and the only thing you can plant this early. I put a big pot on my front porch two weeks ago and they always make me smile.