Friday, January 3, 2014

Year-End Wrap Up

Right before Christmas, I received my "round robin" bracelet back from the journey it's been on for the past year.  My theme was "mother nature, earth goddess," and I asked everyone to stick with blues and greens, with copper findings.  Above is the beautiful finished work of collaborative art!  If you remember from the original post, a journal went along with the bracelet.  The person right before me in the sequence still has it, along with her final charm, so I haven't yet read the thoughts and purpose behind each artist's contribution, but I'm looking forward to reading that and wearing this!

As that year-long project finished up, I looked back on my goals for 2013.  Luckily, I kept them within reason - nothing too ambitious!  I completed most of them (see them here), thanks to my FANE group.  I completed the two pieces for our group shows, experimented with adding text to my art, and played with my silver Artclay kit.  I haven't yet added a bio or gallery pages to my blog - that can be recycled for this year.  Although I didn't create a huge quantity of art, I was happy with the quality of each piece.

One of the year's highlights was having our kimono-inspired pieces on display in Manhattan (see this post here).   It's so great to be part of this group, which pushes me to challenge myself, and takes me places I never thought I'd go!  I'm looking forward to new challenges and successes as I step into the New Year.  (I'll save my new goals for the next post...)

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Norma Schlager said...

The bracelet is gorgeous! Wear it to the FANE meeting and show it off.