Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catching Up

I've been away a few weeks, primarily because my laptop needed more memory and an updated operating system, so I was unable to download any new photos.  Now that I've got that all straightened out, I can catch you up on the final four round robin charm bracelets.  These were delayed too, as I was supposed to receive the crystal one, below, in August, but only got it in early October.  At one point, I had all four bracelets to work on at once, so I'm catching up in more ways than one!
On this "crystal bliss" bracelet, I added the little silver snowflake with the crystal dangles in the lower right.

Below is another steampunk themed bracelet.  I added two charms on the bottom, on either side of the gold gears.  One is a wire-wrapped green glass bead in a copper frame with a chain tassle, the other is the gear with the three beaded dangles.  I like the green and copper combo in this bracelet and used that as my inspiration.

The theme for this one was "Grandma's button box."  I added the floral button on the lower left with the lace since I didn't have any truly vintage buttons.

And finally, I added the heart-shaped lavender sachet to this amethyst and silver bracelet (near the clasp in the upper right).  This bracelet will be going to a grandmother who plans to give it to her daughter, who has a little girl who was born last February.  She will eventually inherit this special birthstone bracelet.  Isn't it lovely?

That marks the end of my participation in the round robin bracelet swap!  All year, I really looked forward to seeing a new themed bracelet every month and taking my time coming up with a charm that would compliment the ones already added.  I'm very glad I participated and I know I'll miss the gentle nudge the project gave me to do something creative, albeit small, at least once a month.  And I'm really looking forward to receiving my own bracelet back in early December!

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