Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kimono-Inspired Fiber Art

At the NSQG World of Quilts show this weekend, my FANE group exhibited our Kimono-inspired fiber art in one of the classrooms.  As you can see, they looked stunning displayed together in a group, with stands designed by Jane Davila and constructed by several group members last week.  While they all had the basic T-shape of a kimono, some were simple dyed or painted rectangles of fabric, while others included stitching, piecing, quilting and/or embellishments.  Once again, each one was unique and reflected the individual interpretation of the artist.  It was fun to wander around between them and listen to others as they commented on certain individual pieces and the collection as a whole.  They really made quite an impact!

These three are by Vivien Zepf, Carole Hoffman, and Cecelia Leiseroff.

This African-inspired piece by Donna Chambers was really stunning.

The three below are by Andrea Schedletsky, Natalya Aikens, and Norma Schlager.  Norma dyed her fabrics using shibori techniques and plans to use the central piece as a table runner after the show ends!

The two above are by Barbara Drillick and Barbara Sferra - beautiful!

Mine was one of the first that caught your eye entering the room.  Once again, I was pleased with the upbeat color combination, texture, and movement of the piece.  I got many favorable comments from other group members; it's always nice to get a bit of positive reinforcement!

Below is one of my favorites by Nike Cutsumpas.  It's very soft and simple, but also crisp, clean and elegant.

Here are a couple more shots with art by Joanne Lubchenko, Carolyn Spiegel, Joyce Sullivan, and Nancy Mirman.  We are looking for another venue to exhibit these again sometime in the near future.

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