Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Busy Weekend

This morning there was a hint of fall in the air.  I snapped these shots while I was out for my morning walk with Cassie.  It seems that summer is quickly coming to a close and I'm trying to make the most of each day left.
But last night summer was still in full swing as we celebrated Chelsea's 14th birthday with a bunch of her friends.  We spent most of the day Saturday setting up, preparing, and organizing the evening's events.  She requested some special-effect lighting and loud dance music, so my husband did his best to accomodate.  He worked frantically to connect speakers to our various digital music sources and hung  black lights outside under our upper deck for this fun splash-drumming activity with fluorescent (washable) paint.  If big smiles, big messes and loud noise are any indication, then this turned out to be quite a successful party!  About ten girls spent the night downstairs in our family room so the fun went on for a long time.
 After all that fun, there was plenty of clean-up to go around, so after all the guests left, I continued my mission to get the house in good order before school starts up again by steam-cleaning the family room carpeting and doing tons of wash (lots of wet towels after they washed off the paint in the hot tub!).  Mark took down all the lights and speakers he hung up yesterday and of course the girls pitched in to help get the house back in order.
Tomorrow starts a new week and once again, I'm taking some time off to continue getting organized.  I've already gone through several closets, underbed boxes, kitchen drawers and cabinets, but there's plenty more de-junking to do and I'm so lucky I can take some time off to get it done!  Of course, I've managed to squeeze in a little creative time here and there, so I'll have a few new things to share next time.

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