Monday, April 30, 2012

New Exhibit!

 The Fiber Arts Northeast group I belong to is currently exhibiting 12"x12" square pieces in a show at the Mahopac Public Library.  Above is the postcard Jane Davila` made up for us, and below are some shots from our opening reception, which was yesterday afternoon.  The quality of art these ladies produce just keeps getting better and better!  I'm proud and honored to be in their company!  They continue to challenge and inspire me to produce more and better art as well!  See for yourself -

Here are some group shots along the gallery hallway:

I was pleased to have my piece among this grouping, right between Jane Davila`s and Norma Schlager's!  They were grouped together because of their similar pastel tones and looked great together.  Here are some individual shots:

First, Jane's floral thread sketch titled "Loss",
and Norma's with her lovely hand-dyed fabrics, skinny wiggly piecing, and beautiful beading:

below, Vivien Zepf's fun and colorful painted thread sketch "Whimsy"

and mine, below. I got a lot of compliments on the simplicity and sculptural qualities of the piece.  I think it didn't stand out from the crowd due to the subdued shades and pretty much monotone quality, (also, the fabrics are almost the same color as the cork wall!) but it says what I wanted it to say.  I was trying to illustrate our dual nature (hope I succeeded).  I called it "Reflections on Transcendence:  Body and Soul." The rough burlap represents our mortal, earthly existence and the shiny sheer represents our immortal souls.

Here are some of my other favorite pieces from the show:

This wall had some bright, bold abstracts.  Below is "Orange Swirl" by Terry Melillo

"Color Dance" by Gail Ellsperman,

 "Geometrics" by Joyce Sullivan

 and "Fractured Landscape" by Barbara Drillick.  I just love the bright colors and geometric shapes of all of them.  Now that I have no more firm commitments for quilts or charm swaps, maybe I'll experiment with some of these techniques and colors!  Barbara's, below, was made with two pieces of fabric that she painted, stamped and colored in various ways, then sliced them up and wove them togther.

The one below by Clair Oehler features tiny knitted embellishments:  how cute!

I always look forward to Carole Hoffman's fun portraits:

Here is Nancy Mirman's abstract using silks and metallic squares. I think she titled it "Berry Twigs."

Barbara  Sferra's "Butterscotch October" is a lovely and very detailed autumn landscape:

And Andrea Schedletsky's "Patience" is sparkly and whimsical.

I think that's enough eye candy for one post!  I'll post again tomorrow with more!

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