Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Int'l Art Charm Day!

April 28th has been named "International Art Charm Day" and to celebrate, I had a shrink film charm workshop at the library Thursday night.  We used the Shrinky Dink brand shrink plastic in assorted colors, above.  The ladies there had a lot of fun experimenting with permanent markers, colored pencils, StazOn inks, and stamps.  They had a lot of fun watching them shrink!  It was fun for me to see how excited they were about their finished products.  I had also made a few extra birdhouse charms (for the "feather your nest" swap) and gave all participants one to keep.

Yesterday I had time to experiment with the Shrinky Dinks for inkjet printers.  They are about twice the price of the regular shrink plastic, but the results are pretty good, as you can see  below.  It is  necessary to lighten each photo considerably before printing and shrinking, and even doing that, some of these are still too dark.  However, the puppy photo came out pretty good, so I'm going to give them away to my colleages, Joan, Gail, and Helen at the library.  Are you celebrating International Charm Day in any special way?

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