Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Bone Chilling, Heart Warming Event

Yesterday my daughter Alana jumped into Lake Mahopac for "Freezin' for a Reason," the local fundraiser that benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It was a sunny day, but quite brisk for a swim! We arrived early so Alana could enjoy some pizza and time with her friends at the pre-jump party. Then we followed the bagpipers down the hill and across the street to the beach area. Alana was given this cool tee shirt designed by her friend Jacquelyn, who has CF. Below is a close-up of the shirt. Jacquelyn drew pictures of all the team members, her friends who raised money and jumped in the lake:
Isn't it great? While all the jumpers were making their way to the beach area, it got pretty chilly so Alana's sisters bundled around her to keep her warm. Temps were probably in the low 40s.
Here is everyone milling around the beach for a few minutes before the jump. The sun was getting ready to set in the west, so it was a little hard to see. It was also very crowded. There must've been hundreds of people there.
Now they're all finally running for the water. You can see Jacquelyn's mother, Christine, leading the crowd with her arms up in the air.
There is Alana in the upper right corner of the picture, running in with some members of Jac's Pac . . .
. . . and here they are running out again! Some people went all the way in, over their heads, and some ran in up to their waist.
Here I am wrapping Alana in a towel and hugging her after the jump. I'm so proud of her for doing such a great thing for her friend! Her feet and toes were really cold!
Her sisters warmed her up again too!
After she dried off a little, we headed off the beach to this grassy hillside in the sun. Then Jacquelyn came running up to visit with her team. She was only allowed to go part-way into the water. She's wearing a robe printed with the "Freezin' for a Reason" logo.
She wrapped the robe around Alana and thanked her. She's such a great kid! The life span for someone born with Cystic Fibrosis has gone from 29 to 39 since she was born, thanks to the donations for research and advancements made. A new drug was recently developed that will be a great help to Jacquelyn and 4% of people with CF, but Jacquelyn's family intends to continue raising money. . . there are still 96% of people whose lives depend on new research.
This final shot was of Alana, Jackie, and two other friends who actually got completely wet, head to toe! What a great thing to do for their friend!

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