Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is how I've spent the last three evenings! I returned from the Poconos on Monday evening but Mark and the girls stayed there without me. Even though I've had to work all week (and the library is a bustling place in the summer!), I feel like I'm on vacation! After work I've come home, put my feet up, and indulged in a good summer read. The library sponsors a summer reading club for adults in addition to the children's summer reading program and this year the theme is "Novel Destinations." The book I finished last night (Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty, about a set of adult triplet girls) was set in Sydney, Australia. It was fun reading about their highly intertwined lives and how they celebrate Christmas down under (I've always wondered what it's like to have hot weather for Christmas). It's been a relaxing week and a great treat for me to only take care of myself and not have to worry about the dog, the girls, packing lunches, cooking dinner, etc. Tonight I even treated myself to my annual pedicure! What do you think of the color?

I felt a little guilty indulging in so much unproductiveness, but since I didn't have to walk the dog in the mornings, I was able to get up early and start the day downstairs in my sewing workshop. I'm still working on the 9"x20" piece for our next FANE show. I thought I might do both hand and machine stitching on it, so I started with the hand work. That seems to be holding it together nicely without flattening it out too much. I really want to keep an almost sculptural feel to the fabric, so I think I may skip the machine stitching altogether, which translates into slower progress. But at least it's progress! I hope I'll have it finished by next Thursday when we have our monthly meeting.

I'll close with a shot of the sunset over Lake Gleneida which greeted me on the way home from the grocery store. Hope you're enjoying your summer too!

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