Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting addicting!

I'm having so much fun making these little 4x4" coasters, that I made another set of six and sent them off to my mother-in-law for her birthday. Even though it would be faster to just keep making the same six designs, it's so much fun to sit and play with all the possibilities and see what develops! Here is my second set, above, which does have one design almost identical to one in the other set (the palm tree set on the diagonal). But I cut a fish stamp out of thick craft foam and added that to my stamp set and also did a little more free-motion stitch elements on these.

In the ones below, I stuck mainly to squares and rectangles in an effort to simplify and speed up the process, and even then, I didn't find it boring or repetitive. Once again, if i could find a way to do these more quickly, I would consider selling them on ETSY or in the Putnam Arts Council Holiday sale, or any other venues that might arise. I could do some with seasonal themes, or popular color schemes like blue and yellow or black and white.

The first two sets I made contained six different designs (I wanted to be generous) but this set only has four. I think whenever you buy sets of coasters, they only come with four, and that would make everything easier and faster. Maybe I'll do a little marketing research and keep this idea percolating...

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