Monday, May 3, 2010

Vassar Founder's Day 2010

Saturday I took my girls to visit my alma mater, Vassar College, for it's annual celebration of Founder's Day, Matthew Vassar's birthday. Matthew made his fortune as a brewer, so beer has traditionally been a big part of the Founder's Day celebrations. Of course, we did not imbibe, but we joined in some of the festivities near the Field House, where there were carnival rides, local food vendors, and live music. (Don't ask me why that tiny future Vassar student is flashing the students on the ride!)

After the noise and heat of Walker Fields, we took a peaceful walk down to Sunset Lake and over to the Shakespeare Gardens.
From there, we headed to the College Center for a bathroom break and then to Vassar's awesome library. The quiet coolness and diffuse lighting inside provided a welcome contrast to the blaring sun and music on the field. We tiptoed around, admiring the windows, marble staircases, and banks of apple workstations available for student use. It would be great if any of the girls chose to attend (the time will be here before we know it!), but from what I hear, Vassar has become so competitive that if I had to apply today with the credentials I had in high school, I wouldn't be able to get in!

Is it any wonder the library is still one of my favorite buildings on campus?

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