Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keepin' Busy!

Don't you just love the lavender and yellow color combination this time of year? I do! The spring weather is back so I spent some time outdoors today sprucing up the yard. I filled the window box liners with these cheerful pansies and planted any extras around the front yard. I hope my hubby will be able to get them up into the window boxes on Saturday because we will have 18 people here for dinner on Easter Sunday! Yikes!

So yes, I 've been a little busy. Here's what I've been doing:
  • Making lists! It helps keep me on track!
  • Shopping: for everything from food for the feast, to flowers for the yard, to decent spring clothes for myself and the girls;
  • Clearing out: especially the big drawers of old clothes under the girls' beds, closets etc!
  • Yard work: planting flowers (see above), thatching the dead spot in the lawn, removing the branches leftover from the tree that fell on our house in February, clipping the roses and lavender plants, removing leaves, yada, yada, yada...
  • Cleaning up: picking up, straightening up, neatening up everything!
  • Last minute stuff: which will actually start tomorrow: more cleaning, more shopping, some baking, other prep work.
  • A little bit of crafting: see the cute earrings I created below as a gift for someone special, but no new collages yet (maybe things will lighten up a little after Easter...)

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