Saturday, April 24, 2010

Il Girasol

It's finished! Today I took the last few hand stitches to finish my piece for the Fiber Art North East show which is due May 6th. I made the sunflowers with a modified log cabin block, and skewed the pieces so they would appear to be turning towards the sun, as sunflowers do, which is the main thing I was trying to capture. I stamped on the leaves with acrylic paint, highlighted them with Neocolor crayons, and freemotioned around them. We had to keep the piece to 14" square and I always start out with a larger piece of fabric (because you can always trim it to size) but I always end up filling the larger piece and not wanting to trim anything. The sun looked a little crowded in there so I ended up making a separate little round quilt and stitching it on so it breaks the borders. I ended up using only one element from my previous attempts, the copper sunflower which is in the center of the sun. All in all, I'm happy with the bright, cheerful colors and the effect of swirling that I think comes through.


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Vivien Zepf said...

I like it! It's very cheerful and the pieced sunflowers turned out great. What a good idea to make them off kilter so they look like they're turning to the sun.

I haven't finished my piece yet and I had a little start when I read your post. Do they have to finish to 14 x 14 or up to 14 x 14?