Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun Little Things

Here are a few fun things I made yesterday and today...

...Cupcakes frosted in yummy spring colors!
...And an "ugly doll" for Cassie! She is always stealing the girls' stuffed toys, so I made one just for her in the shape of a cat. I put on a braided rope tail because I knew she would like to chew on it (which she does) and it would be useful for playing tug-o-war, one of her favorite games.
In addition, I am almost finished with my January poem illustration, a bit behind schedule, but better late than never. I had a little setback when Cassie got a hold of the particular gray thread I needed for the trees (I think one of the cats knocked it off my sewing table!). Cassie gnawed on it, breaking the threads through several layers. The nearest store that sells that type of thread is a 35-minute drive, so I decided to save time by unraveling all the broken threads to salvage the spool. Of course, some of the threads were still broken further in so I would begin to sew and then the thread would break and I would have to rethread the machine etc. What a pain in the neck! But I got over that hump and have the piece almost completed. Just in time too, since I'm tired of looking at winter things, now that the snow is gone and we are all beginning to think about spring!

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Vivien said...

what a hoot that you made Cassie an Ugli Doll! HA! We're fans of Uglis, too.

Please post your January poem illustration when you can. Love to see it.