Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally finished!

January's winter light
shines on every shade of white,
from dazzling pure to pearly gray,
the twilight of a snowy day,
the silver sheen of icy lake,
the sparkle of a crisp snowflake.
A clean, fresh start, the chance to seize
a year of possibilities.
Through flawless snow, the path is clear:
Start anew - January's here.

Tada! My latest collage titled "January" is finally finished! Several things slowed me down, from the hand stitching to the thread work in the trees, to drawing the figure and getting the proportions just right (to getting distracted by other fun projects like postcard and pendant swaps!). I'm happy with the final results. Maybe I'll have postcards printed with the poem and send it out to publishers early next year...

1 comment:

Vivien said...

What wonderful texture, Cindy! It looks so rich. Well done! I think sending out postcards is an excellent idea.