Friday, March 13, 2009

The Library Show

Here are some photos of the show at the Mahopac Library. It was Jane Davila's idea to mount each piece on an 18" square canvas.
That's what really makes the artwork stand out from the wall, and what most people are commenting on when they see the show. The other comment we are hearing a lot is how each piece is so unique and different from the others, but what a nice presentation they make all together. The reception on Sunday was very well attended and I had fun talking to some of the other artists about their pieces. One integrated a dyed paper towel into her piece (but you'd never know until she told you!
Here are some of my other favorite pieces:
The Autumn Birches is by Carolyn Cooney.
She used wool roving and cheesecloth
in this piece.

The one beneath it is by Natalya Aikens. She uses lots of sheer fabrics like organza and also likes to repurpose things like dryer sheets and uses both machine and hand sttitching. It produces a very dreamy effect, don't
you think?

The victorian house is by Carolyn Spiegel. I just love the colors and details. The little doorknobs, windows, railings, and shrubbery just add so much. I also love the smoky effect of the tulle!
It's a lovely show and if you are in the Mahopac area, you should stop by to see it before April 3!

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