Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun stuff!

These are some of the projects I've been working on this week. is featuring a charm swap this month, based on an article by Elin Waterston. So I got out some of my fun craft supplies and got started!
Above are some of the charms I came up with that I may swap. Materials I used are buttons (I particularly like the button fruit on top), glass beads, copper wire, Sculpey clay, stamps, pearl ex powder, shrink film and fabric. I found those dragonfly wing beads at a local craft store and made several of those dragonflies. It's kind of addicting!
I then decided take it one step further and actually make the bracelet, so I pulled out some jute cording and brushed up on my macrame skills (below). I made the pink and yellow one first, as a sample for a program I may teach at the library this summer. I happened to have a scrap of that pink fleece with the hearts already embroidered on, so I put two together and stuffed it. I also used colorful wooden beads from a set belonging to my daughter, and seashells. All of the charms were simply tied onto the macrame bracelet. The final bracelet is a birthday gift for someone...I also stamped and stitched, and used birch bark as well as wooden shapes from the dollar store that were drilled, painted, stamped and/or decoupaged with fabric. Maybe I've had enough fun with charms for a while...I should probably get these in the mail and get back to work on something for my portfolio!


Nancy Cusumano said...

How do you find the time? I've been working on ONE curtain for the back room for weeks now, and just don't have the energy to finish it. You are amazing!

Elin said...