Monday, February 2, 2009

I finished it!

I finished the piece for our SAQA group show at the Mahopac Library in March. I am calling it "Serenity by the Garden Wall." Over the weekend I had to deal with one last detail: the central lower copper leaf is slightly folded over in this photo. I ended up taking it off and creating a new one out of a thicker copper sheeting. I had to do the distressing all over again, but I think it is now finished and I finally found an acrylic spray that protects the patina without changing it too much.

I was off from work Friday and my husband was gone with the kids most of the day Saturday, but somehow I still don't seem to get nearly as much done as I plan. So my word for the year will have to be balance. Creating art is one facet of my life, but there are many others, and I have come to expect that I am often scurrying from one to the other, trying to keep all the plates spinning in the air. So my life keeps spilling over into my blog and my art because it's all connected, it's all part of the art of my life. I need to keep the goal of balance in mind, day by day, even minute by minute, to meet the needs of all the different parts that make up my life.

As for specific goals for 2009 (only one month late!), I will try to sketch more and play more (both with my family and with art materials). I will try to blog more consistently and to put comments on other artists' blogs, to begin building an art network for myself. And I'll continue to create and submit and be open to any possibilities...

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