Friday, July 31, 2015

Changing Direction

Sometimes, you don't have to go looking for inspiration, sometimes it finds you!  Last week I took an afternoon walk in lovely Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY and found myself contemplating the graceful lines created by the tall stems in the bamboo grove.  The bamboo is easily 30 feet tall here, and creates a very shady and secluded alcove.

My daughter and I sat on this stone bench in these peaceful surroundings, just breathing and listening to the breeze rustle through the bamboo leaves.

Without even really thinking about it, I realized these graceful stalks might be the perfect subject for a piece of art with an 18"x36" size requirement!

Of course, I don't want to abandon my "Summer Blues" project, but I have a feeling this one will go much more quickly than that one seems to be going.  (I kept much of that piece on my design wall but folded up most of the extra blue fabric and left it in a neat pile on the corner of my worktable where I can see it and will be reminded to finish it!).  Then I pulled out some green fabrics . . .

I think these will do nicely!  I did need to make a quick run to the fabric store for some more Wonder Under, felt, and a sheer green netting that I think will make a nice backing, which will actually be seen through the spaces between the bamboo stems (this is supposed to be innovative, right?).  Here's what I've got going on so far...

Stay tuned!

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