Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring in the Garden

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I was lucky to have planned to meet a good friend for lunch near Watertown, Connecticut, about an hour away.  I left early and stopped at Whiteflower Farms to see what I might find to add to my shady backyard garden.

The snowdrops and other little bulbs have already bloomed and died back, but other things are beginning to sprout up and leaf out.  It's so nice to see green again!  In front of the large gazing ball, you can see a bleeding heart plant already several inches tall.

Here are some muscari about ready to pop.

And some hostas beginning to leaf out (hope the deer don't find them!).

I moved the clematis, below, from another place in our yard late last summer and it is already beginning to climb the iron pergola.  It's so nice to see so much growth this early in the season!  I'll be so excited if it actually flowers!

In another part of the yard, ferns are already beginning to unfurl.

Here are the new plants I got at Whiteflower Farms.  They are all shade loving and will add some much needed texture and color.  I think I'll wait a bit before I put them in the ground.  Those deer are still way too hungry!

This weekend, the FANE show at the Mahopac Public Library is opening (I help hang tomorrow) and it is also the annual World of Quilts show in Somers, where we will display our cubes (still need to put mine all together).  I'll take lots of photos to share next week!

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