Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Dreaming

Every few days, I see the weather forecast, hoping that it will show a warming trend.  And every forecast for the whole month has been the same:  cold, cold, and more cold!  I keep thinking, it can't go on much longer, but tomorrow is the first of March and we are looking forward to another 6 inches of snow.  Sheesh!  When I took down the Christmas decorations, I left this cute display of snowmen because they looked so cheerful all together like that, almost like a barbershop quartet, but I took them down today.  Enough is enough!

In place of the snowmen, I put the little mixed-media "tunnel book" I made a couple of years ago.  It's nice to gaze at it and imagine myself in a park on a spring day, meandering along the path past azaleas and daffodils, with the sound of a fountain splashing and birds singing in the trees, the perfume of blossoms in the air...

I've been trying to get down to my creative space when I can, and recently added this page to my art journal.  It was another "lesson" in Pam Carricker's book, "Art at the Speed of Life."  In this one, we chose a figure to put on the page and I happened to come across this photo of Michelangelo's David.  I love the way his gaze is so intense that you want to turn to see what it is he's looking at.  I have yet to add some text.  I'll probably find a quote about courage or underdogs going against the odds.

I also started the background for another piece to go on the 16" square box that will be part of the next FANE exhibit (see previous post).  This time I glued down some paper pieces before I painted the fabric, but then added a little more paper on top.  Here's the first couple of layers...

 And here's where it's headed.  I intend to add another bird in flight and a nest among the branches.

So happy March, and Think Spring!

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Vivien Zepf said...

Love all the art you're doing and you know I also LOVE the tunnel book. Hey everybody, it's even better looking in person!