Friday, September 12, 2014

Swap Results

Last Thursday at the September FANE meeting, all participating members brought their swap art to trade. Before we swapped, we each had a chance to describe what we had in our given bag of goodies and what we did with them.  Most people were really challenged to make art out of things from someone else's stash.  Some people changed things completely by painting over them.  One member photographed all the things in her bag and used the photo to make her pieces.  Another used the large paperclips in her bag to make a stamp and used it to print on fabric.  It was really fun to listen to everyone's stories and see the results.

The person who received my bag of goodies was unable to attend the meeting due to a family emergency, so next month I get to see what she made.  Something to look forward to!  I'm not sure if I'll make these into a book or some kind of wall hanging.  They are certainly too beautiful to be stuck in a drawer somewhere, don't you agree?

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