Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting Back in the Groove

For some reason, I haven't been very motivated to create lately (or even blog regularly, for that matter!).  I don't know if it's my busy summer work (and home) schedule, the oppressive heat we've been having, or the sacro-iliac joint dysfunction I've been struggling with, but I just haven't had the impetus to get downstairs and make anything.  All I feel like doing after a busy day is strolling down to the garden for a few minutes and then relaxing with a good book!  But my schedule is gradually easing up a bit (I have one or two more busy weeks), so I'm finally beginning to think about new ideas for art quilts and auditioning some fabric combinations, above.  (Can you guess what's on my mind from the fabrics pictured?  I'm so predictable!)

Today I even had the day off work, so I made a detour to the craft store before my grocery run.  I wasn't really looking for anything specific, but all the strung beads were half price, and a few things caught my eye...

 Some of the upcoming round robin bracelet themes are "crystal bliss," "steampunk," and "amythyst and silver" so I kept that in mind as I shopped.  Those open rings in various metal finishes looked interesting and different.   I started thinking about the possible combinations of metals and beads that might go in the center.  I found several things that could work, and knew I had some things already at home as well.  After the groceries were all put away, I had a little time to play around.  Here are some of the combinations I came up with:

The one with the gunmetal ring and black crystal might work for the Steampunk theme and the other one for the amythyst and silver.  Then, just for fun, I tried the distressed brass finish with some emerald crystals.  I really like these!

Finally, I tried these copper rings with pressed glass leaves in the center.  I think these are my favorite, but the copper blends with my hair so much that they hardly show on me!  I may use them for charms instead of earrings.  One of them would look great on my "Mother Nature" themed bracelet!
So now all my new craft room furniture is covered with a mess of beads and fabric but at least I'm getting back in the groove!

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