Sunday, February 10, 2013

Digging Out, Snuggling In

We made it through winter storm Nemo with a bit over a foot of snow.  The girls had another day off from school (and lost another day from their spring vacation), I got a day off from the library on Saturday, and we all got a chance to catch up on our reading, napping, and TV watching, since we never lost power (yay!).  I finished reading The Yada Yada Prayer Group by Neta Jackson, which I picked up at our used Book Barn, and quite enjoyed.  I think I'll look for the second in the series.  

Since I finished the tunnel book and haven't yet started my next project, I decided to be completely decadent and put in a movie, Shakespeare in Love, one of my favorites.  It's beautifully written and acted, and has an excellent cast.  Along with Judi Dench, Gwenyth Paltrow, Geoffrey Rush, Ben Affleck, and Colin Firth, I spied another familiar face...

Do you recognize the actor on the left?  If you're a fan of Downton Abbey, you know that's Jim Carter who plays Mr. Carson the butler!  In Shakespeare in Love, he played the actor who plays Juliet's nurse!  Pretty funny!

Meanwhile, the latest episode is on right now, so I'm going to get back to it!

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norma said...

Usually when I see a face like that in a movie, it drives me crazy because I can't remember where I saw him before. I agree that it was a great movie, although I've only seen it once.