Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Dog's Life

 When we first got Cassie three years ago, it was a bit of an adjustment for me.  She required a lot of time and energy, and although the girls swore up and down that they would walk her and play with her, they were on the bus by 7 am and the morning routine fell to me.  At first it was difficult to give up the extra time, but now I've worked it into my routine.  Here's what our day is like:
 After the girls get on the bus, Cassie and I walk around to the backyard and enjoy the sunrise.  Sometimes she rolls down the slope and gets a nice back scratch on the way down.
 Then we sort of pootle around the yard a bit.  Sometimes I do some weeding or some exercise.  Cassie sniffs everything...
 and rolls a little more!
 Sometimes she finds a nice stick to chew...
 or we have a catch with a ball or a frisbee.

 Very often, Sophie and Sandy from next door are out sniffing about too.  Sandy is still a playful puppy and she always looks forlornly over the invisible fence to see if we'll come over to play.
I usually bring Cassie over there on the leash a couple of times a week so they can both blow off some extra energy.

 As you can see, they greet each other very enthusiastically.  No one says hello better than a dog!

 After hello, we all run around to the backyard.  Sandy loves to fetch so she usually brings me a ball.
 While she keeps me busy throwing, Cassie wanders around sniffing out chipmunks along the rock walls.  She usually makes her way all the way down to the water and can't resist a swim! (She can't do that at our house because of our Invisible Fence).
 After her swim, she smells like the lake!  Sandy doesn't mind.  They chase each other a bit...
 and then discover they can get up on the trampoline (a couple of trees came down on it last winter, so it's now pretty much defunct for jumping, but easier to climb on if you're a dog).
 As you can see, it's covered with leaves and still has a little lopsided bounce left in it.  They have a great time jumping and rolling around!

 I throw their balls up there and now it's a real dog playground!

That is one happy dog!
 Before we head home for breakfast, Cassie rolls a little bit more while I enjoy the scenery.  It's another beautiful fall morning.

Sometimes Cassie needs to be hosed off before we go in for breakfast, depending on how much dirt sticks to her fur after her swim.  Today she's pretty clean so I just towel her off and we head in.  In nice weather, I can leave her outside all day because of that invisible fence.  But if the weather is wet, she stays inside and naps...
We have one or two other short play sessions in the afternoon or evening.  She loves tug-o-war indoors or out.

Finally, it's dinner and bedtime.  What a life!


norma said...

He sounds like one lucky dog to me.

Vivien Zepf said...

Yes, that is one happy and lucky dog!