Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Sets In

On New Year's Day, it felt like spring, but the last two mornings we were greeted by bitter cold temperatures - single digits, with a daytime high of only about 22. Ugh! No snow yet, but the cold goes right through you! I've been able to settle in in the evenings with some hot food and cozy activities. On Monday afternoon I was actually able to take a Nap! It felt great to curl up on my favorite easy chair with a book and doze off when my eyes got tired. Tonight I made a Chicken Vegetable Chowder for dinner and followed that with a hot chocolate laced with Bailey's Irish Creme and topped with whipped cream! Even though people traditionally put on weight in December and begin dieting in January, I find December is just the warm-up. I get in the habit of snacking on sweets between meals and come January I find it very hard to break the habit. That's when I usually put on weight - during the long, cold winter months, not just during December.
I also started some real work on this 12"x12" project for the FiberArts Northeast group, which is due in early February. I wanted to use two fabrics with a high contrast in texture, but similar color. I layered the backing, batting (I used felt), burlap, and the shiny sheer, then put my drawing over it. I stitched over the drawing and tore the paper away. Then I cut away the sheer fabric in places where I want the burlap to show through, like a reverse applique. I'm trying to say something about our dual nature, similar to the yin and yang symbol - that we are both dark and light, rough and smooth, mortal and eternal.
I'm not sure everything comes across - the contrast is more subtle than I expected (also, it doesn't photograph well - the true color is closer to a golden tan). But there's a FANE meeting tomorrow evening, so I'll bring it and see what kind of a reaction I get. With the holidays behind us, it sure is nice to settle down and get to some creative projects!

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