Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Business Card Holders

After I gave my doctor friend her underwater-themed wall hanging for her office (see a photo of it here), I thought I'd better send her some business cards too (just in case she has a wealthy patient who admires my work and wants a commission!). I got these made up through and put my little seahorse mascot on them. Then I made the little holder for them. I don't know if they'll have room for the holder at the receptionist's desk, but I thought they would look nice displayed this way. If she can't use it, I'll use it somehow. How do you like the wave-shaped back? I had fun creating it, as you can see.

I also made this fun business card holder and dispenser for another local artist friend, Tabby Marshall. Last week when we had no power, she generously invited over the whole family to shower and have a hot meal (she actually invited several families!). She is a terrific photographer and artist herself (see her website by clicking here) and her home is decorated with a million cool artsy photos and things, and I wanted to give her something cool and artsy, but also useful. This is the front of the wallet...
and this is the back, below.
It has two pockets - one to keep a credit card, money, or photo id, and the other to dispense the cards. What you do is pull on the ribbon, and the card pops out the top (I didn't invent this - Normajean Brevik had an article in Quilting Arts Magazine issue 24 which included directions). Neat, huh? I'd better make one for myself too!

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norma said...

Your business card holder is lovely and the design and shape are the perfect compliment to the card design.