Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Spirit" flag

Jane Davila, the leader of our FANE group, is always encouraging us to try new things and challenge ourselves. She recently told us about Viveka Dinegre's Prayer Flag Project and suggested we try something similar for our next group show at the Mahopac Public Library (in addition to our 9"x20" pieces). A few members shared their flags at our last meeting Thursday night, and I just finished creating the above flag yesterday. Jane was reluctant to force a religious tone to our flags, being that we're all of different faiths and denominations, but she did encourage us to give our flags a spiritual theme. I immediately thought I'd go with the spirit of Peace, and ended up including the prayer of St. Francis in the background and the words "Create in me a peaceful heart, O Lord." In Vivika Dinegre's project, she encourages a real prayer like this and if I were to participate in her project, I would hang it outside so the wind would carry the prayer around the world, and eventually the flag would weather and be carried away on the wind. Her flags are only 5" wide, where this one is 7" wide, so I don't think I can include it in her project, but maybe I'll make some more. We can certainly use some more peaceful hearts in the world, don't you think?


Vivien Zepf said...

Very nice, Cindy and yes, we could certainly use more peaceful hearts!

norma said...

I love it, Cindy. That St. Francis prayer is one of my favorites. Occasionally we sing it in church. Maybe this will get me off my duff and get one done.