Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Because it's June...

Isn't the world a beautiful place in June?

I've tried to take notice of all the beauty around me (mostly while I'm out with the dog!) while I feverishly run from home to work to the store or the orthodontist and back home again, and then try to get some more work done on this underwater piece (what shall I call it?!?!). I did spend a good bit of time on it this weekend and yesterday (I only worked a half day) and managed to add these elements: the tarpon (he will be stitched on tonight or tomorrow)...

...and these spiny sea urchins. I actually had to do these twice because I didn't like the way the first ones looked. I added some hand stitching and the piece is just about ready to be trimmed down and bound! Just in time too, because I need to get it photographed and mail the CD before the 15th. If it's all done by Friday, I should make it.

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