Sunday, May 22, 2011

Race against time

I've been trying to discipline myself to use every spare moment to work on this piece for the June 15th deadline at Art Quilts: Lowell. I know I'll be very disappointed in myself if I'm unable to submit. Here are a few shots of the progress I made in the past week. What I've accomplished:
  • Stitched on some sheers and laces to serve as background coral formations;
  • Added some more branches to the central orange coral to make it a little bigger;
  • Stitched some of the coral pieces together to hold them;
  • Made a few more fish - fairy basslets and bluehead wrasses;
  • Couched and free-motioned another brain coral and attached it to the first;
  • Added yarn in the foreground for texture.
I feel like I'm moving forward at a good pace, and if I can keep it up, I may be able to make the deadline. Maybe I can give up cooking and cleaning for the next three weeks to make extra time!

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