Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colorful Pick-me-up

Here is the charm necklace I made for myself in turquoise and copper. That color combination whisks me away to the Mediterranean (not that I've ever been there, but how I think it must be). I can't help thinking of ancient ruins rising in rocky cliffs above the turquoise sea, Greek statues and Roman baths - a place of depth and mystery (maybe I'm channeling one of my Sicilian ancestors!). The giant clasps I bought to hold the charms had the word "talisman" on the label. Even though that word connotes superstition and luck (which I don't really believe in), I decided I would use it to hold items that have some personal symbolic meaning. Of course there are references to water, also creation and eternity. I even added a bead made from a scrap of the painted and stitched burlap I used to cover my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project. I hope when I wear it, I will be reminded of who I am deep down and what is important to me.

On another note, I received my "declined" letter from the Schweinfurth Gallery in Auburn, NY. It was what I was pretty much expecting, but it was still a little let-down (although "declined" sounds so much better than "rejected"!). More positively, that leaves those two pieces free for the Putnam Arts Council member show, which runs for the month of March, so one of them will be seen locally, which is probably a better place for me to start. I think I'll go with the more colorful one, "Rhythm of the Earth." I'd better go put a label on it... this way it will be all ready to drop off.

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