Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend catch-up

I haven't blogged in a whole week, so this post will be a smattering of a lot of things to help catch up. I'm bringing up so many topics, I hope it all makes sense!
July used to be my favorite month of the year, way back when I was a teacher and it was really our only full month of vacation. I relished the long, hot days when I would lose track of the time and date, and we didn't have to keep to any schedule at all, but could entertain ourselves at the beach or zoo or mall on a whim. Now that I work at a busy library, July has become one of the most hectic months of the year, with a lot of chauffering the girls to one place or another. The last two weeks, they were at a camp that ended at 1 pm so I had to leave work to pick them up, drive them home, and then go back to work. The next few weeks should be a little easier; at least I'll be able to eat my lunch sitting still, rather than driving and eating at the same time!
In the midst of all the busyness of making lunches, dropping off, picking up, cooking dinner, and getting ready for the next day, here are some of the projects we've working on. My middle daughter's 12th birthday is coming up next month and she would like a bedroom of her own (who wouldn't?). My generous and thoughtful husband who is always trying to keep everyone happy, graciously offered up his downstairs office, pictured above. He's been hard at work trying to organize all our paperwork and find places for all his guy stuff. I've been trying to help by clearing out some of the girl stuff that has taken over our downstairs craft and family room areas. It's very slow going. We have lots of games that we don't use as much as as we used to, and I really need to be more willing to Let Things Go, something I don't enjoy doing. It's a work in progress.
Meanwhile, we are trying to keep Cassie from grabbing stuff off the floor and playing keep-away with us. Here she is asking for forgiveness. Of course, we always forgive her in about 5 seconds - who could resist those big brown eyes?

In an effort to find smart, efficient, inexpensive storage solutions for us, I picked up the Summer 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors' Studios magazine. I am looking forward to poring over the pages and being inspired to make my creative area and our whole home more neat and organized. I also bought myself some new pens in an effort to stimulate some ideas on the sketchbook front; I am still mulling over how I will approach the Sketchbook Project I joined in May. I think I am narrowing it down and may soon be able to make my final choices and actually start making some art in the book!
Here is a shot of the reversible bag my oldest daughter stitched up last week in her Fashion Design and sewing camp at our local BOCES. Isn't it great? I'll keep it in the car, so I'll always have a reusable bag for quick trips to the store. Also, the bracelet she's wearing is made of soda can tab tops. I showed this technique to the ten girls in my jewelry-making class at the library this week. Isn't it cool? A nice up-cycled project! (Find out how to make your own by clicking here.)

As part of my clearing out, I'm trying to get things off my worktable. This plain, solid t-shirt has been hanging around waiting for some decoration. As a quick one-day craft, I decided to applique on the little singing bird and heart song bubble. My daughter asked me to add the words, and I debated over whether to stitch them on or use markers or paint. I played with various options, and then ended up smudging some of the words, so it didn't turn out as perfect as I hoped. I still have another plain shirt; maybe I'll try again later this week...
Here is a sneak peek at the beginning of my next project... another thing I hope to get to this week.
And here is another big home project that's been in the works for almost a year and will soon be coming to closure. We've been talking about adding a second sink to this bathroom. It's taken me 11 months to research the options for a tile floor, vanity cabinet and top, mirror, and lighting. Saturday I ordered everything and it should be delivered and installed in the next month to six weeks. Hooray!

Finally, here is how I finished off the weekend: a mojito with some fresh home-grown mint...

... and a bowl of fresh berries over chocolate shortcake and covered with whipped cream!
Now I'll sit back and watch "The Next Food Network Star" ! (It's the only show I watch consistently; I'm not sure why - I cook only enough to get by and would never aspire to host a cooking show, but for some reason, I enjoy watching them!)

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